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Launch your ICO from scratch!

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Step 1

You have decided to launch an ICO. Awesome!

Step 2

However, you are aware that it's not that easy.

Step 3

We're here to help you build it the right way!

ICO Services

Starting Package

✓ White Paper Review ✓ Token Design Analysis

Full Package

✓ White Paper Review ✓ Token Design Analysis ✓ Drafting of Private Token placement agreement ✓ Drafting of Token Offer document/agreement ✓ Drafting of Terms & Conditions ✓ Drafting of Risks of Token Purchaser ✓ Drafting of Privacy Policy ✓ Setting up the Company in Malta ✓ Assessment of your token model and economics ✓ Benchmarking your project regarding past similar ICOs ✓ Shaping of teaser and pitch for potential investors ✓ Preparing roadshow schedule for international exhibitions and potential investors meetings ✓ Recommendation on the project advisers ✓ Assisting in bank account opening and cryptocurrency exchange listing ✓ Assisting with project introduction and pitching it to investors pools - Private Placement

Emergency Package

✓ Fine-tuning the ICO details before the sale ✓ Evaluating 60+ different items regarding your website, whitepaper, social media & communication channels and information completeness ✓ Providing an overall score of your project to asses the current state of affairs before the public sale ✓ For each item that does not score 100%, in-depth recommended actions are provided for immediate improvement and last-minute patching

Step 1

Follow our ICO reviewer's Twitter page for the latest ratings.

Step 2

Check out his ICO ratings, based on a complex analysis.

Step 3

Not enough? Get the ICO video course and learn more.

ICO Ratings & Education

Who are we?

Programmers, techies, cryptocurrency specialists, investors, entrepreneurs


Educating people about cryptocurrencies and ICOs


Providing ratings, comments and opinions on ICOs


Not paid by anyone to provide ratings or comments on ICOs, not financial advisers, always do your own research before investing in ICOs and cryptocurrencies

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